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You no longer have to buy a predetermined car at the showroom. Driven gives you an all other dimension in making sure that you drive you dream car. Driven has made strong ties with car dealers and manufacturers in the diaspora. This is to say that we at driven can get you a unit that you dream for,either locally available or not. The beauty of this is that   driven gives  you different options to chose from.

The cost element  too is something to laugh about. Driven is against exploitation by dealers and therefore offers very competitive prices for units slightly lower than what is provided in the market. Driven strives only to import units that are of very good standards and better prices than what is provided in the market.


Are you planning to ship some cars to Kenya or you have some cars on the sea.

Driven boasts a team of qualified and accredited  Customs Clearing Agent that will be glad to help you clear them at the Mombasa port.

We provide very first and efficient clearing services to our customers at a very reasonable rate. You want your unit cleared fast?driven makes that happen. We currently are   the most effective and efficient clearing agent in the country. We help you nominate CFS that together we work hand in hand to ensure the units  safe storage and clearance is a smooth process. Buzz us  for more information on how we can help you clear the units very fast. It is our Joy to serve you better.


Driven has partnered with different insurance agencies in the country  to provide the best insurance covers in-case of any eventuality. We provide Motor Private and Commercial insurance covers plus cover goods in transit. We also cover all our units from political violence and Terrorism without a further charge when one takes insurance cover with us.

Driven tries to be very fast and efficient and produces the insurance cover stickers almost immediately as we understand the risk factor in our roads.

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Kenya  has long been a country fueled by the idea of travel and so Driven has made it possible for those who cannot immediately buy a car enjoy a nice ride around the city. Our scope of operation lies within the coast at the moment,mostly precisely within  Mombasa CBD but slowly we are expanding to major cities around the country.

The cars in operations are of very good standards and routinely serviced to ensure that our clients enjoy that memorable ride they are so looking for. We give the very best   rates for a wider variety of units available for hire. Contact driven to know what to get anytime you are in Mombasa.

Driven saves you  the time of moving from one car hire firm to another and gives you the luxury of booking a car  by phone.Looking for a sweet deal on a car rental? Look no further. Rent a car with Driven and see more savings. If you have ever rented a car and looked for discounts, you will have found there are a myriad of options patnering with driven.

Our website is designed to do the hard work and offer you the best possible price for your car rental in the friendly and knowledgeable reservations team is always on hand to provide you advice or additional information related to cheap car rentals.All you need to do is just pick up your phone and contact us.


Car tracking has revolutionised the car industry. Car tracking is making it possible for you to know the whereabouts of your car in case of theft or when you rent or lend out your unit. This has been a security feature for most cars owners in the country. Besides insuring your car against theft,tracking has   made it possible to know where you car is at all times through a very hightech digtilised system.

GPS vehicle trackers are invaluable tools for monitoring either a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles. A real-time car tracking device gives you up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including text or email alerts based on parameters you set in advance. If you're wondering if your driver has gone off course or if your teen has been speeding, these vehicle tracking devices give you the answers you need. Detailed reports tell you exactly where a vehicle has been, where it's headed and how fast it's traveling. The tracking devices also give you the option of stopping a car remotely through a PC or smartphone and giving you that extra security that you need for your car.

Driven has partnered with different car tracking firms in the country to ensure that you can always monitor the speed,location and fuel consumption of your unit or fleet.   Through our car tracking systems driver's behavior is evaluated, trip replays are stored and fuel analytics are performed.

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